Apache Server Information

Module Name: mod_include.c
Content handlers: none
Configuration Phase Participation: Create Directory Config, Merge Directory Configs, Create Server Config
Request Phase Participation: Fixups
Module Directives:
XBitHack - Off, On, or Full
SSIErrorMsg - a string
SSITimeFormat - a strftime(3) formatted string
SSIStartTag - SSI Start String Tag
SSIEndTag - SSI End String Tag
SSIUndefinedEcho - String to be displayed if an echoed variable is undefined
SSILegacyExprParser - Whether to use the legacy expression parser compatible with <= 2.2.x. Limited to 'on' or 'off'
SSILastModified - Whether to set the last modified header or respect an existing header. Limited to 'on' or 'off'
SSIEtag - Whether to allow the generation of ETags within the server. Existing ETags will be preserved. Limited to 'on' or 'off'
Current Configuration:

Apache/2.4.12 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.0.1m PHP/5.6.9 Server at i.tupian.la Port 80